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Pomina Flat Steel: Conquering the French Market with Cold Galvanized Steel

Monday, 22/11/2021, 15:38 GMT+7

With firm and precise steps, the Pomina Flat Steel brand continues to battle in the European market as planned. A batch of high-quality EN 10346 cold galvanized steel has just successfully arrived in France at the La Rochelle seaport.

France is a country known for its grand, large-scale architectural structures and extravagance. Not only in national projects but also in every design of houses, and community buildings... Whether small or large, this country always focuses comprehensively. It is also one of the countries representing the strictest import standards for construction materials in the European market.

Pomina Flat Steel: Conquering the French Market with Cold Galvanized Steel

Here is a corner image of the La Rochelle seaport (France) where Pomina Flat Steel's products docked.

However, not only does Pomina Flat Steel meet import criteria, but Pomina Flat Steel also satisfies large partners with product quality, professionalism in service processes, and utmost reliability during cooperation. It is evident that this is a breakthrough, in overcoming the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pomina Flat Steel successfully exported batches of cold galvanized steel in November, following Italy, to France as planned with partners. And it doesn't stop there; Pomina Flat-Steel's production line continues to run for export projects to other major markets such as Germany, Portugal, Australia, Korea...

Although just a young enterprise in Vietnam's steel industry, with a strategic vision and a heart for providing quality products to consumers, Pomina Flat Steel has proven to be a formidable competitor for other brands in the same field.

Let's take a look at some images of Pomina Flat Steel's export operations of finished galvanized steel to the French market:

Pomina Flat Steel: Conquering the French Market with Cold Galvanized Steel

Image of cold galvanized steel coils being lifted onto transport trucks at the export warehouse of Pomina Flat Steel factory.

Ước tính đường kính mỗi cuộn tôn mạ lạnh xuất khẩu sang Pháp khoảng 1.8m

The estimated diameter of each cold galvanized steel coil exported to France is about 1.8m.

Các cuộn tôn đang chờ thủ tục xuất khỏi nhà máy để di chuyển đến cảng Thị Vải

Coils of steel waiting for export procedures to leave the factory and move to Thi Vai port.

Hình ảnh công tác xếp hàng lên khoang tàu tại bến cảng Thị Vải


Image of loading steel onto the ship's hold at Thi Vai port.


Watch the video summarizing the export activities of steel to the French market:

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