Pomina activities


, 22/05/2021, 10:54 GMT+7

Recently, Pomina Flat Steel Co., has successfully delivered the first shipment to Belgium. This order of “Prime Hot Dipped 55% Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel Sheet in Coils” is manufactured according to EN 10346, as output products of production line imported totally from Tenova Group, Italy so that the mill is able to qualify possible requirements from consumers by high-quality products.

This order will take the chance to prove the brand by practical experience from European customers. Granted a new stage for Pomina Flat Steel Co., thanks to the shipment which might expand the reputation of the company to Europe market.

Since those customers have always been requiring strictest conditions for finished products, hence the appearance of our products will enhance our recognition as well as competitive advantages to global market. The participation of the company in the market continuously demonstrates the importance and quality of products that made-in-Vietnam in global.

Loading the cargoes on truck at the warehouse of Pomina Flat Steel Co.,

Cargoes queuing in subsequent at the loading terminal in Thi Vai port

Antwerp port, Belgium has been one of the largest ports in the world with 160km of quayside available for loading and unloading activities and over 5.3 million square metres of covered storage space. Since this port has play a role of main hub to distribute cargoes to entire Europe so as to exploit this trend, Pomina Flat Steel Co., aimed and managed the first Europe order delivered to this area and in general, one of the purposes is to extend the acknowledgement from the end-users.

A site of Antwerp port

Cargoes queuing in subsequent at the loading terminal in Thi Vai port

 “In order to qualify to strict conditions of production from European clients (Belgium, Spain, Italy, …), we have been utilizing the high-quality materials such as hot rolled coil, chemicals, etc. from leading suppliers. The company processes particularly the evalutation for input materials while the production line from technology from Tenova group releases high-quality products which necessarily carries on continuous testing for final quality before being dispatched and using by end-users. On top of that, the company’s principle has been determined to manufacture high-quality products to mark prestige and brand substainably.” - Mr. Do Duc Chung - General Director of Pomina Flat Steel Company said.

Finished product of Pomina Flat Steel Co.,

Pomina Flat Steel Co., carries on the export activities in accordance to current plan of orders to Europe as well as other markets like USA, Mexico, … with strong consumption of same products so that the company is possible to scale the export volume as 30% of total output quantity of the production capacity. Pomina Flat Steel Co., has potentials to be one of leading mills in Vietnam.