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Dialogue with Pomina - Viet Nguyen Distributor: The 3-year Journey Mark

, 04/06/2022, 14:16 GMT+7

Dialogue with Pomina is a series of activities within Pomina's business strategy, an event that aims not only to express gratitude and engage with major partners and customers but also to enhance the coverage and spread of the brand.


Accordingly, the Dialogue with Pomina event was held on June 4, 2022, at Vinpearl Can Tho with the collaboration of Viet Nguyen International Trading Company, Pomina's distributor.

This event marks the 3-year milestone of Pomina's journey into the market, and it is also an expression of gratitude from Pomina and Viet Nguyen to our valued Partners and Customers in the Mekong Delta region, in the journey of building the dream home together with Pomina.


Pomina and Viet Nguyen greatly appreciate our valued partners and customers in the Mekong Delta region who have joined us in fulfilling the mission of constructing strong, beautiful homes for consumers over the past 3 years. This partnership will continue to be strong, sharing meaningful values, and we will harvest success together.

Below are some images and clips capturing memorable moments from the event:

To gain acceptance from end customers, Pomina Flat-Steel always values our customers, including distributors and authorized agents - these are the partners that Pomina has trusted, bonded with, and shared values to succeed and develop sustainably.

For this reason, in addition to producing and supplying high-quality products to the market, notably the Solar AZ100 cold galvanized steel with Pomina Crystal coating (a transparent plastic layer), and Pomina Granite AZ50 corrugated steel elevating the aesthetics of tile wave corrugated steel. These products are always supported by Pomina with the most competitive prices when they hit the market.

It can be seen that in every development plan, the company always focuses on issuing flexible sales policies to support customers in their business, organizing training workshops for partner market employees, and ensuring reputable pre and post-sales service quality in the market.

To date, Pomina has established credibility, built and expanded market share, spanning 63 provinces and cities from North to South with over 300 reputable cutting and rolling agents, and more than 5000 consumers nationwide trusting in our products.

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